Lights, Camera, Action!

Two new videos have been launched on the School Enterprise Challenge YouTube channel to support the teaching of key business topics: 'Risk Management' and 'Growing the Business Team'. For the first time in Teach A Man To Fish history, these videos were filmed in Rwanda.


Movie stars in the making...

"Teach A Man To Fish is working with over 100 schools in Rwanda. A huge number of learners and students and teachers are using the School Business Model to ensure young generations are getting relevant education to succeed in class, work and in life. To reinforce teachers and students’ capacity building, we use workshops, business guides, and visual tools to ensure students learn more effectively from the School Enterprise Challenge. We decided to choose two Rwandan schools to film our latest educational videos in order to really celebrate their learning, and give them an opportunity to share their knowledge with schools around the world.

We chose Kigali Leading Technical Secondary School and IPRC Kigali School to film at based on how long they had been involved in the School Enterprise Challenge, their willingness to contribute, and how easy they could present their learning. Both schools had been enrolled in SEC since 2016. The videos gives teachers and students from around the world the chance to hear from SEC graduates how they have overcome certain challenges. One video highlights how senior students can help their junior peers to grow the business team, while the other gives examples of how to perform risk management.

It wasn’t initially easy for teachers because, for most of them, it was their first time to take part in filming. However, through several rehearse exercises, the students made these two incredible learning tools. Although students and teachers weren’t very confident at the start, at the end all our actors felt confident and loved finding out how the creative industry works. The edited version was shared to teachers, students, and schools. They were all excited to see their work, especially the schools who loved to see how their students contributed to the learning of others."

Emmerence Dusabimana

Teach A Man To Fish Rwanda Programmes Manager


Since 2014 we have been building up a suite of educational videos for the School Enterprise Challenge, to accompany our set of written business guides for teachers. These videos cover topics such as Generating a School Business Idea, Financial Planning for School Businesses, and even Accounting and Record Keeping for School Businesses.


An exciting time to take part

"We made the decision to film in Rwanda because we'd never filmed there before, and with the School Enterprise Challenge flourishing in the region, we thought it would be a nice opportunity to showcase their success. In 2018 over 200 business plans were submitted by more than 170 schools across the country - our largest intake yet. It's an exciting time to be involved. We took a local film crew to shoot the videos at Kigali Leading Technical Secondary School and IPRC Kigali School, and spent two days filming. It was quite an exciting (though challenging!) experience but we got there in the end. The students seemed to really enjoy themselves and we even saw some of them playing with the camera equipment between shoots! This was a good learning experience for the whole team, and hopefully will have even inspired some of our students to think about taking up a camera themselves..."

Christophe Walder

Teach A Man To Fish Programmes Officer - Communications & Community Engagement