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Where we work

Working in Latin America since 2009, we established a regional office in Nicaragua in 2014 to lead our support to student and teacher teams in low-resource schools in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Paraguay.

Working closely with local organisations and government education offices we engage low-resource schools in our School Enterprise Challenge Latin America programme and provide direct training and step by step support that is tailored to the local context, as well as social media networks to for teacher and student experience exchange. In 2017, we created over 7,000 student entrepreneurs and 545 student-led school businesses in these four countries.


Endorsed by the Ministry of Education (MINED) Sebaco and Carazo and working in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Nicaragua and Fundacion Coen, we supported student and teachers in 80 schools to plan and/or run and develop a school business in 2017.

Juanita's path to employment

Juanita joined La Bastilla Technical Agriculture Centre in Nicaragua at the age of 23. She got involved in running the school coffee business supported by Teach A Man To Fish and after graduating, used the knowledge and experience she gained in the business to secure a well-paid position in a coffee processing plant in Costa Rica.

"If I had not joined La Bastilla and the school business team, most likely I would be sitting around at home doing nothing. I would not work, maybe I would be studying but I would be very much behind"

- Juanita from Jinotega, Nicaragua

Juanita working at the coffee processing plant.

Partnering with Dubai Cares

In the School Enterprise Challenge Nicaragua, Teach A Man To Fish is partnering with Dubai Cares, part of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, to transform education for over 6,000 young Nicaraguans. Through this programme, which runs from June 2018 to 2021, students in 165 schools will have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to secure decent employment, become successful entrepreneurs or further their education by taking part in a school business. Trained and guided by Teach A Man To Fish, staff from partner NGOs and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education will join Teach A Man To Fish staff in training teachers on experiential learning in a real business in school and guiding teachers as they lead their students through an entrepreneurial journey.


Republica de China school business team selling their pastries

In Honduras, supported by the Secretaría de Educacion and two local partner organisations, we aim to build our support for low-resource schools to reach student and teacher teams in 100 schools between 2017 and 2019.

"We see young people opening a path for themselves, they are thinking outside the box. We have children, adolescents and teachers who are becoming change agents".

- Alejandra Soleno, Public-Private Partnerships Coordinator, Secretaria de Educación, Honduras


In Guatemala, working closely with the Sub-Directorate of the Ministry of Education (DIGEEX) we are building our support for Nucleo Familiar de Desarollo (NUFED) schools. NUFED schools provide education for young people in marginalised locations throughout Guatemala with community support. We aim to work with teacher and student teams in 50 schools in our School Enterprise Challenge Latin America programme 2017-2019.

"I have learnt so much about record-keeping and how to keep accounts through our school business... The school business helped me a lot."

- Student, Núcleo Familiar Educativo para el Desarrollo (NUFED) 355 government school, Guatemala

Nucleo Familiar de Desarollo (NUFED) 188 school team proudly displays their certificate of achievement


In Paraguay, we work hand-in-hand with our sister organisation Fundación Paraguaya to bring the School Enterprise Challenge programme to schools across Paraguay. In 2017 we supported 499 schools in planning and /or running a school business that is both educational and profitable.

"The School Enterprise Challenge helps our young students to be independent and think like an entrepreneur. Through our peanut snack business they are practising basic skills like maths, they think about planning next steps after they sell and they are also learning about nutrition. The children are so engaged in the school business."

- Rose, Teacher, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School

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