Our programme for Early Learners 3-5 years

Early Years Challenge in South Africa

Teach A Man To Fish is one of the premier providers of practical experiential entrepreneurship education for young people, developing our expertise over 18 years of working with teachers and young people in primary and secondary schools across the world.

Scilla Edmonds, was Principal at The Birches, South Africa when she first decided to give her Early Years learners an opportunity to participate in our School Enterprise Challenge in 2012, and continued with new learners every year until her retirement in 2023. Scilla has 47 years’ experience as an Early Years teacher and headteacher in South Africa. In 2000 she was appointed to lecture in Pre-Primary Studies at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

In 2023, we started collaborating with Scilla and The Saville Foundation to develop a structured Early Years Challenge programme, based on our award-winning School Enterprise Challenge and joint experience of raising learners’ environmental awareness.

In 2024 we are delivering our Early Years Challenge programme with 20 Early Years Schools in Durban, and are quickly observing significantly positive outcomes for learners’ skills and confidence. We are measuring the change for participants and will be able to share this at the end of the programme cycle. We aim to scale the programme first in South Africa, reaching schools in multiple provinces; and at the same prepare a fully-developed programme to be accessible online free for Early Years Schooling providers all over the world.

TLC Kite Kids are making kites from recycled materials

Bringing new and exciting learning to Early Learners in South Africa

" I see so many opportunities for the future. This programme will benefit children with learning barriers. It should be introduced to all preschools. Not every child will become an astronaut, this project gives learners opportunities to do something they love. They learn to build and sustain a business (doing something they love). I am so fired up I can hardly wait for the next years"

Teacher, Sunbeam Pre-Primary School

"This has been the most beneficial extra curricular activity that we have implemented in our school. It has empowered staff, learners, and their families to think out of the box when it comes to recycling and sustainable living. (For me) Every waste product I see now has a hidden value to it"

Head, Pretty Palms Pre-Primary School

Children at Kwandamagugu creche are making bathing soap which they wrap in bright paper recycled from magazines
Children at Pretty Palms are making tote bags from old T-shirts
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