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Our staff is made up of a diverse number of skilled people working around the world. The charity is directed by our trustees. Click on a profile for more information.

United Kingdom

  • Nik Kafka, CEO

    Nik Kafka is the Chief Executive and founder of Teach A Man To Fish. Leaving a successful banking career in the City of London for a local microfinance institution in Paraguay, Nik discovered an innovative school aiming not only to teach the poor how to become rural entrepreneurs, but to do so as a self-financing social enterprise. Having helped transform this school into a replicable model, and realising the huge potential for funding education through enterprise rather than charity, he returned to the UK to found Teach A Man To Fish.

    Under his stewardship Teach A Man To Fish has grown into an international network whose membership now numbers over 4,500 education institutions and experts in more than 125 countries. Over 400,000 young people benefitted directly from Teach A Man To Fish programmes across Africa, Asia & Latin America. Honoured as a Young Global Leader in 2009 by the World Economic Forum, named in 2011 as one of Devex's 40 Under 40 International Development Leaders in London and most recently awarded the 2022 Charles Bronfman Prize for his innovative work that has significantly improved the world.

    He holds a first-class BSc in Chemistry from the University of Bristol, an MSc in International Development from the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London, as well as professional qualifications in finance.

  • Alison Rivett

    Alison Rivett is the Head of Fundraising at Teach A Man To Fish. She joined the charity in October 2015 and is responsible for all aspects of fundraising to support our work. Alison has been working to raise funds for international development and humanitarian projects for over a decade. Previously she worked to fundraise from the UK at Self Help Africa, Merlin and Farm Africa; in Ethiopia at Mums for Mums; and in Guatemala at Transitions.

    Prior to 2001 and for 11 fun and fruitful years, Alison was a founding partner and the Design Director for Ampersand Partnership, a design and marketing agency located in London.
    Alison has a MSc in International Economic Development from University College London, a BAHons in History and Typographic Design from Reading University and is a qualified TEFL teacher.

  • Paola Fatur

    Paola Fatur is the Head of Programme Delivery & Operations at Teach A Man To Fish. She joined the team in August 2013, as a Field Officer at La Bastilla school in Nicaragua supporting the implementation of all school businesses, but especially the dairy plant. In September 2014 she took over the role as Enterprising Schools Network Support Officer, participating in the School Enterprise Challenge roll out in Central America supporting with workshops and trainings. Back in the UK in 2015, she joined the School Enterprise Challenge team developing new educational resources and marketing materials. She currently overseas effective delivery of all global and in-country programmes and is responsible for the smooth running of all areas of internal operations.

    Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Paola worked for three years as a consultant in international projects, delivering training and workshops and supporting project roll outs. She has a business background, as she worked as an audit analyst and as a quality procedures assistant while living in Argentina. Paola has also travelled extensively to South East Asia and volunteered in Nepal with a local NGO and in London for the Fairtrade Foundation UK. Paola holds a degree in Business Administration from Buenos Aires University (Argentina) and an Expert Degree in Project Coordination for International Development from Alcalá University (Spain).

  • India Jankel

    India Jankel is the Programme Manager for the School Enterprise Challenge (Global) team at Teach A Man To Fish, joining the team in August 2015. As part of the School Enterprise Challenge team, she is responsible for leading on the creation of educational materials, systems development and the mentors programme.

    Before joining Teach A Man To Fish, India taught English at a primary school in the Dominican Republic for a year. She has also worked abroad as an intern for the Red Cross Centre for Cooperation in the Mediterranean in Barcelona and the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights in Cairo.

    India holds a BA in International Relations with advanced proficiency in Spanish from the University of Exeter.

  • Christophe Walder

    Christophe Walder is a Senior Programmes Officer at Teach A Man To Fish. Since joining the organisation in September 2016 he has carried out a range of roles within the Global programmes team. Currently he manages the relationships with our operational partners in India and Mexico.

    Christophe is leading the way on our technological developments and is the Product Owner of our apps for the School Enterprise Challenge and the Enterprise Adventure.

  • Adrian Merville-Tugg

    Adrian Merville-Tugg is the Finance Officer at Teach A Man to Fish, having joined in July 2019.

    Prior to working at Teach A Man To Fish, Adrian spent 6 years managing grants focused on Human Rights and Criminal Justice. Adrian is a member of the ICB and holds a BSc. in Computer Science from the University of Bath

  • Sally Hodges

    Sally Hodges joined Teach A Man To Fish in May 2020 as Communications Manager. With over 15 years working in the charity sector across both education and tourism sectors, Sally is responsible for leading the communications strategy for the organisation and raising the profile of our work.

    Sally graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BAHons in Music and Educational Studies. Following this she took a year out to travel across South East Asia and Central America, before returning to the UK to begin her career in communications. Sally has a CIM Professional Diploma in marketing and communications and more recently qualifications in project management, social media and digital marketing.

  • Ainhoa Munoz

    Ainhoa Munoz studied Biology & Physical Anthropology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and holds an MSc in International Solidarity & Social Inclusion from Carlos III University, Madrid. For nearly 2 years, she collaborated with Emalaikat Foundation (Ethiopia), running the nutritional evaluation of all students at three local schools, as well as supporting their Child Malnutrition programme.

    Ainhoa initiated her fundraising career in Fundación Ayuda en Acción (Madrid), with an internship, and in 2016 she moved to London where she worked to fundraise for a UK national charity in the health sector before joining Teach A Man To Fish in August 2021 as Fundraising Officer.

  • Elizabeth Medhurst

    Elizabeth Medhurst is the Digital Support Officer at Teach A Man To Fish. She joined the organisation in March 2022, dedicated to taking the Enterprise Adventure app to the next level as part of the Global Programmes Team.

    After gaining a BA and then an MA in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex, Elizabeth has worked in political communications and entrepreneurship and employment projects in the UK. After some time in the education and charity sector she taught in Japan, experiencing a year deeply affected by the pandemic, before returning home to the UK to follow her passion for digitised social mobility.

  • Alondra Maradiaga

    Alondra Maradiaga is a Programme Officer at Teach a Man to Fish and is responsible for the operations of the School Enterprise Challenge. Alondra holds a BA in Political Science from the Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology (ITAM) in Mexico and a MA in International Political Economy from the University of Warwick in the UK. Prior to joining Teach a Man to Fish in 2022, she worked for the Mexican government and as a consultant in national and international projects related to implementing, monitoring and evaluating social policies to promote social and economic development.

  • Sally Ann Walker

    Sally Ann Walker is Senior Manager - Impact and Learning at Teach A Man to Fish. She re-joined the organisation in 2022, having previously served 5 years at Teach A Man to Fish, leading the expansion of the School Enterprise Challenge (Global), before heading up our programmes internationally. Sally is a highly qualified programme management specialist with extensive work experience in Asia Pacific, Africa and Central America. She brings over 10 years practical experience in the design, delivery, monitoring and impact evaluation of education and entrepreneurship support initiatives for a range of corporate donors and philanthropic foundations. She has led youth focussed programmes at Plan International UK and Youth Business International and has specific experience supporting women entrepreneurs to start, grow and sustain businesses through her work with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

    Sally holds A BSc in International Business, an MA (with Distinction) in Education and Development and professional qualifications in MEAL and Project Management. She is also a qualified TEFL teacher.

Central America

  • Alejandra Soleno

    Alejandra Soleno is our Central America Regional Coordinator, managing and overseeing our projects in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. She joined the Teach A Man To Fish family in 2018.

    Alejandra has wide experience providing support to schools and offering relevant education through entrepreneurship. Throughout her career, she has designed a Stakeholder Articulation Model for Socially Responsible Investment in Education and created a framework for organisations around investing in education. Alejandra worked as the National Coordinator of Public-Private relationships at the Honduran Ministry of Education for 4 years, where she was in charge of donor partnerships.

    Passionate about learning, Alejandra sees entrepreneurship as a tool to transform education.

  • Ariana Fernández

    Ariana Fernández is the Nicaragua Project Officer for Teach A Man To Fish.

    Ariana, born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua joined Teach a Man to Fish in June 2015. She is leading on all finance aspects in the regional office in Nicaragua and supporting in the creation of an organizational finance system that is efficient for the UK office and regional offices, as well as in the creation of small manuals for easy use in Central America. Besides the finances she is also supporting the Central America team in the implementation of the Enterprising Schools Network.

    Ariana has previously volunteered in social movements in Nicaragua like Mision Bosawas - a movement that works with the nature reserve BOSAWAS - where she supported in the creation of the administrative and finance system, and has work experience in accounting and administration in various Nicaraguan companies.
    Ariana also has participated in important programs like “Agentes de Cambio 2014” that is a regional training programme Social Policy from the foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung(FES) and she has been formed and educated to promote the human rights for indigenous groups from Bosawas. Currently, she is finishing her degree in Finances at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in Managua.

  • Ester Rivas

    Ester Rivas is the Honduras Project Officer for Teach a Man to Fish.

    Ester, born and raised in Tegucigalpa, joined Teach a Man to Fish in November 2020. Her experience includes Education, Small Business Assessments, Events Organization and wide knowledge of the transport and small business sector. One of her recent roles was empowering and guiding small businesses to redefine their structure through strategic planning on their core mission and management improvement.

    Ester was an active volunteer with Junior Achievement Honduras, empowering students with the abilities to perform at a higher level. She is also an active volunteer with several charities that provide free kits for newborn babies, and has contributed in fundraising efforts for the main public hospital in Tegucigalpa.

    Ester has a Business Major with a Minor in Tourism, has a great desire to contribute to Honduras’ development and make a positive change in the life of young people in her country. She's passionate about coffee and enjoys reading and doing local tourism in her free time.


  • Sharon Munyazikwiye

    Sharon Munyazikwiye is our Rwanda Country Representative. Sharon joined us in 2014 to guide 28 schools in Nyaruguru district, South Rwanda, in implementing school businesses as part of the “Rwanda Girl’s Education Advancement Project.” These school businesses generated income for the schools and acted as an educational resource for the students, developing their technical, business and soft skills. Since that time, he has overseen the introduction of the School Enterprise Challenge to build the life and business skills of more than 1,000 young people a year in schools across Rwanda. In 2020, he led the adaptation of the programme into Business Clubs for out-of-school youth.

    Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Sharon worked as a Senior Facilitator in ICT, Business and Life Skills at Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Rwanda under DOT’s Internship Program, where he delivered the ReachUp! Program, impacting more than 600 beneficiaries and 20 startups in Karongi, Western Rwanda. He served at Smart Enterprises Ltd as the Operations Manager under Nyabivumu Integrated Waste Management Project; and work with LUTI “Let Us Transform Life Initiative,” developing training and drafting projects and business plans. Sharon has also served as a Business Coach to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) beneficiaries.

    Sharon holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Chemistry from the former National University of Rwanda and a Business Management Certificate from the universal Class, with self-directed learning and capacity building in business and project planning.

South Africa

  • Nontobeko Makhaye

    Nontobeko Makhaye joined Teach A Man to Fish in June 2018 as the School Enterprise Challenge Programme Support Officer, based in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. She will be working to support schools in KZN and South Africa to plan, set up and develop educational and sustainable school enterprises.

    Previously she worked at Agribusiness Development Agency and Lima where she gained experience in supporting school businesses, local communities and agricultural projects and managing a range of environmental, social development and income generating projects in South Africa. Nontobeko has a great passion for working with schools and the business sector and has supported various school business across South Africa. Through her work at Lima she provided facilitation to different training to schools, government officials and the private sector.

    Nontobeko holds an honours degree in Geography and an undergraduate degree in Rural Resource Management from University of KwaZulu Natal.


  • Alex Natuhwera

    Alex Natuhwera is the Country Manager for Uganda. He has 8 years’ experience setting up and running development projects in East Africa, specialising in education and socio-economic projects.

    Before joining Teach A Man To Fish, Alex was a Program Manager at Elevate Partners for Education where he worked with top education leadership District Education Offices (DEOs) and Primary Teacher Colleges (PTCs) to identify priority education indicators in the district. In 2016, Alex worked at Irise International as the Enterprise Program Manager coordinating a network of over 100 female entrepreneurs from across Uganda to set up sanitary product businesses as a way of providing access to these essential products for vulnerable school girls. Alex has previously coordinated livelihood projects at Let Them Help Themselves out of Poverty in SW Uganda and was a Research Associate at Institute for Research and Development.

    Alex holds a Bachelor of Law Degree from Uganda Christian University- Mukono and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at Uganda Martyrs University - Nkozi.

  • Sarah Nassanga

    Sarah Nassanga is the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Teach A Man To Fish. She joined in 2015, supporting the School Enterprise Challenge team in managing 300 schools, before taking up her current role where she works closely with 29 schools assessing the impact of our business model.

    Prior to this Sarah volunteered for a year at the National Agricultural Research Organization providing technical support to the Human Resources team and assisted in all recruitment, selection, training and performance appraisal of 200 staff.

    Sarah has a BA in Public Administration and Management from the Uganda Christian University.

  • Brenda Ayoo

    Brenda Ayoo is the Girls Education Challenge Field Officer at Teach A Man To Fish. She joined the charity in January 2017, as a School Enterprise Challenge support volunteer in the Uganda office. In this role, she worked closely with schools in training, implementing M&E, and visiting schools to assist them with their businesses. She is coordinating the implementation of the School Enterprise Challenge in 14 schools in partnership with PEDN.

    Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Brenda volunteered with Challenges World Wide under International Citizen Service (ICS) for 3 months where she was working as a Junior Business Associate taking informal sector entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship development.

    Brenda holds a Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Business Education (Accounting Option) from Gulu University.

  • Modecai Osano

    Modecai Osano is the Senior School Enterprise Challenge Field officer for Teach A Man To Fish. Having joined in February 2018, he supports and coordinates the delivery of School Enterprise Challenge activities and carries out regular updates on communication and registration. He is passionate about providing support to his community and is enthusiastic about learning new skills.

    Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Modecai completed training through DOT REACH-UP UGANDA on small and medium-sized enterprises and worked with organisations including Samplex Africa as their Due Diligence Field Officer, Uganda Telecom as their I.T Support officer and Challenges Worldwide under International Citizenship Service(ICS) for 3 months as a volunteer Junior Business Consultant in the SME sector.

    Modecai holds a BA(Hons) in Information Technology from Uganda Christian University

  • Ephraim Wanyama

    Ephraim Wanyama is currently a Program Officer in charge of the Youth Enterprise Challenge Program, Uganda. He graduated with a bachelors in business computing from Uganda Christian University-Mukono. Ephraim has a wealth of experience in program management, direct program implementation, coordinating community-based projects and mentoring youth.

    Ephraim joined Teach A Man To Fish in August 2018. Prior to this he worked with the NGO Educate! for 4 years as a Mentor and Field Officer where he worked in different regions of Uganda targeting both out of school and in-school and also with Flow Uganda as a Sales Field Agent for one year.

    Ephraim has a keen interest in entrepreneurship, project planning and ICT.

  • Doreen Adjambo

    Doreen Adjambo is the Uganda Office Volunteer at Teach A Man To Fish. She joined the team in 2019 as the Kenya Volunteer supporting the School Enterprise Challenge team in Kenya managing over 50 schools, before taking up her current role.

    Prior to this, Doreen was a sales and customer care personnel at ISTAR COMPUTER WORLD and assisted in receiving and responding to client calls and queries, stock and inventory checking, authenticating office files and marketing their brand.

    Doreen has a BA in Business Administration from Kampala International University.

  • Jamin Mulati

    Jamin Mulati is the Finance and Admin Officer for Teach A Man To Fish in Kampala, Uganda.

    Jamin started working at Teach A Man To Fish in May 2020 and manages the day-to-day finance andaccounting processes. He also manages the admin functions. Jamin works in close coordination with the other members of the Global Finance team to ensure timely and accurate accounting and reporting of Uganda project works to ensure an efficient and error-free implementation process.

    Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Jamin worked as a Finance and technical officer with the World Bank – ICGLR Project in Uganda and Burundi.

    Jamin has lived and worked in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC and Uganda. He speaks English, Kiswahili and French.

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