You can help

Do what you do well or
take on a 'dream' challenge to
raise money and
transform the lives of young people.

In 2017 Hannah, Sally, Kate and Christophe took on their first marathon in the heat and the hills of Masaka to raise money for our work with young people in Uganda.

They follow the footsteps of Bryony, Matthew, Becky, Sarah and Robin who took on the Uganda marathon in 2016.

Interested in fundraising for our work? You could take on a sporting challenge; run a quiz night; organise a bake-off; sell your handiwork; or ask your friends to donate to Teach A Man To Fish to celebrate your birthday or wedding. We will let you know what your fundraising can support. Email us for more information.

Hannah, Sally, Kate and Christophe celebrating at the end of the Uganda marathon, 2017

What can your fundraising achieve?


can provide training for 10 teachers in Africa or Central America to lead their students in planning and managing a school business


can support 100 students in Africa or Central America to become student entrepreneurs and learn lasting skills.


can support five school teams in Africa or Central America over a year to receive training, step-by-step resources and on-going support for a year. Around 40 students join their school business every year.

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