Business successes and supporting the community

School Enterprise Challenge can have a lasting impact on young people, changing their lives forever

Sharom Muwanika is from the small shanty town of Nakawuka on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda where poverty is the norm and it’s a daily struggle to make ends meet for too many people.

In 2013, at the age of 19, Sharom took part in the School Enterprise Challenge and was given the role of Farm Manager as part of the programme. Just 6 months later, Sharom set up his own poultry farm business, using the practical skills of planning a business, marketing and accounting that he learnt through our programme, which he felt were instrumental to his success.

We recently caught up with Sharom. Eight years after participating in School Enterprise Challenge, and with two years of disruption from Covid-19, Sharom is now the successful owner of 2 poultry farms, is earning a profit of 1,000,000UGx each month (at least twice the average earnings for a self employed young Ugandan), has created jobs for members of his local community and trains other farmers and young people on setting up their own poultry business.

We are delighted to see the long term positive impact of participating in School Enterprise Challenge and that Sharom continues to have a bright future.

We hope to help many more young people to do the same. This is his story...