Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education

Application Form

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A. Submission Details
B. Organisation Information
The following answers will not be evaluated, but will provide our judges with more information about your organisation.
B1. About your organisation
B2. History and rationale
B3. Your partners and participants
Non-Governmental Organisations
C. Achievements
The following answers will be evaluated by our judges. Please refer to our application information pack and guidance notes accompanying each question for support on this section of the application.
C1. Entrepreneurship
Guidance notes

You may want to explain one or more of the following points:

  • Your innovative ways of tackling problems in education through entrepreneurship?
  • How you help young people learn entrepreneurial and business skills?
  • How you provide real-life or hands-on business experience for young people
  • How you empower future generations of entrepreneurs?
  • How your organisation is raising awareness of entrepreneurial education in your region?
Guidance notes

You may want to explain one or more of the following points:

  • How you finance or support education through entrepreneurial activities?
  • How you cover your organisational costs through income generation or unique fundraising activities?
  • What are your strategic goals that involve making and/or retaining income for your project or programme and its longevity?
C2. Sustainability
Guidance notes

You may want to explain one or more of the following points:

  • How is your work financially sustainable - how are you able generate the funds to run your own programmes and plan for your work continues to be funded in the future?
  • Does your project or programme have the ability to be continued each year and generate revenue for your organisation?
  • How is your work socially sustainable - are you able to maintain and grow beneficiary numbers year upon year?
  • How is your work environmentally sustainable - do your programmes or projects work to reduce waste, protect the environment and teach participants environmentally sustainable values?
C3. Impact
Guidance notes

Evidence to support your answers can include:

  • Improvement in academic performance, enrollment and retention
  • Fiscal results from entrepreneurial activities
  • Growth in number of participants, graduates and beneficiaries through programmes or projects
  • Examples of participant success stories
  • Examples of social enterprise impact
  • Examples of how you measure, evaluate and collect data on your impact
C4. Future Development
Guidance notes

What are your future plans for your programme or project and how would winning this award help scale and affect the growth and sustainability of your work?

D. Contact Details for Independent Referee
Please see sections 1.4-7 of the competition Terms and Conditions for more information on choosing a referee.
E. Acceptance of Competition Terms and Conditions