NEW! Half-Term Young Entrepreneur Programme for Y6 students

What is the Free Half-Term Young Entrepreneur Programme for Y6 students?

A NEW fun hands-on experience aimed at Y6 students that supports them in developing their confidence, aspiration and skills for their future success!

Over the course of half-term week, 23-27 October 2023, participants worked in small teams and completed a series of activities to plan a profitable business which could support a social cause of their choice.

Parents rated their child’s experience in the programme 10 out of 10.

“This programme was great, my son learned to get an idea of how a business works. It also helped him develop his confidence, share his ideas, use digital skills and solve problems. Overall we loved it!”

Children made friends and:

  • Discovered what inspires them and explored ideas and causes for social good
  • Designed a business that could create the change they want to see
  • Created a model of their business product, designed their logo and built a website to showcase it
  • Created a marketing video, learning how to present and promote their enterprise and cause
  • Took part in a pitch battle to win our Dragon's backing!
The programme took place over 5 morning sessions (3 hours) during the Autumn Half-Term (from Monday 23rd October to Friday 27th October) at our offices in Finsbury Park.

Participants rated the programme 8 out of 10.

“Learning how to present my ideas was the most valuable lesson from the programme”

Watch this space as we take this programme to the next level!

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST for a place in our next programme and give your child a head-start building their skills for success in the transition to Secondary and beyond!

CONTACT INFORMATION: send us an email to
or a WhatsApp message to (0)7708 219089


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Teach A Man To Fish? (and why are you offering this course)

Teach A Man To Fish is an established charity in the UK (registration no 1112699) which has, over 15 years, run award-winning programmes for young people and schools around the world.

We turn entrepreneurship education into a powerful project-based experiential learning opportunity - using the process of planning and running a profitable enterprise to develop young people’s teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communication skills; as well as building their understanding of basic business and financial literacy concepts.

Having seen great impact from this approach in other contexts, and across a range of indicators - confidence, educational attainment, long term life outcomes etc. - we’re excited about bringing our work to young people in the UK.

2. Who will be running the sessions?

The sessions will be run by a qualified facilitator who is DBS-checked and has experience of working with young students.

3. Who is the programme for?

Our new fun hands-on programme is aimed at Y6 pupils in Islington and Haringey. The new programme builds on our experience of delivering similar award-winning programmes around the world.

4. My child has special needs - would s/he be able to attend the programme?

We welcome children with physical and sensory disabilities, as well as children who are neurodiverse. We recommend that you speak to us beforehand, so we can put in place any strategies or adaptations that will improve their experience.

5. My child has a food allergy - would s/he be able to attend the programme?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee a food allergy free zone at our offices. However, we recommend that you speak to us so we can discuss how best to accommodate your child’s allergy requirements.

6. Can my child attend the programme (arrive and leave your offices) by themselves?

Your child is welcome to attend the sessions by themselves as long as they have permission from their parents to do so ????

7. Will they actually start the business they plan?

Over the week participants will identify a social cause that inspires them and plan a business that could create the change they want to see. We will certainly encourage all participants to start their businesses during the duration of the programme though it will not be a requirement for programme completion.

8. How much does this programme cost?

It is FREE for Y6 students to participate in the programme!

9. Can I sign more than one child to the programme?

Yes, you can apply for a place in the programme for more than one child attending Y6. Please fill in an application form per child.

10. Will my child get a certificate?

Yes! Each participant will receive a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their learning at the end of the experience/week.

11. Why take part in the programme?

It’s a fun and hands-on experience!
Develop key skills such as confidence, communication, teamwork and problem solving
Learn about businesses
Get a certificate at the end of the experience
If you have not found the answer to your question here, please send us an email to or a WhatsApp message to +44 (0)7708 219089.

We'll be happy to hear from you!

Terms and Conditions

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