The School Enterprise Challenge, Uganda

Teach A Man To Fish are a registered NGO in Uganda with three full-time staff based at our Kampala office. Our Uganda staff help manage School Enterprise Challenge, Uganda.

Our team in Uganda work tirelessly in order to bring our annual global competition, the School Enterprise Challenge, to more young people in Uganda, so that they can gain first hand expereince of planning, setting up and running a real business. With almost 200 schools in Uganda registering each year for the competition, Ugandan schools are showing their commitment to practical entrepreneurship education more than ever. 

We deliver workshops to teachers, school management and NGO staff who then inform their colleagues and partners about the competition to enable more and more pupils to benefit from the competition. We value our partnerships with Educate!, African Revival, PEDN, Stir Education and many others who support us to reach as many beneficiaries as possible in Uganda.









SKY project, Uganda

The SKY project has just started and will work with 4 schools in the Kampala district of Uganda. The programme offers further business support to schools who have shown motivation, enthusiasm and ability to plan a school business in the School Enterprise Challenge. The SKY project will help the school operate a sustainable, profit making school businesses that uses a practical hands-on approach to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and life skills of the students involved.  

The project will enable successful school businesses to ‘pay it forward’ and financially help other schools to also start their own business. Schools will take a loan from a Teach A Man To Fish’s partner microfinance organisation as seed capital for their school business plan. Once the business is making profit, the loan will be repaid in small instalments over time. The money paid back will then be paid forward to help reach out to new schools and support them to make their school business idea a reality. 


Mackay Memorial College, Uganda

Teach A Man To Fish have put in place a sustainability strategy with Mackay Memorial  College, Kampala so that they can continue running their profitable businesses independently and act as a source of inspiration to other schools in the region. The school’s businesses include a piggery, a chicken farm and dance a troupe business that performs at weddings and events.  



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