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Just published: final report on UNESCO e-Forum conference on ICTs for TVET

"What are the implications of the ICT revolution for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)?" This question attracted 247 participants from 74 countries to come together online for 2 weeks on the UNEVOC e-Forum and&n

Collaboration across continents and cultures

In the world of international development, there is a lot of interest in what genuine partnerships look like between NGOs* based in Europe or the US, and NGOs in low or middle income countries. Money, power and history can sometimes make it difficult for genuinely equal partnerships to exist, and all too often the name ‘partnership’ is used to describe a relationship where one side is has a lot more power and voice than the other.

Teach A Man To Fish facilitates UNESCO e-conference on ICT for vocational education and training

This month Teach A Man To Fish is excited to be facilitating the UNESCO-UNEVOC e-forum’s virtual conference on the ICT revolution for Technical and Vocational Education & Training (or TVET).

The conference is running from the 14th to the 28th of May and already over 200 members have signed up and are participating online.

Afghanistan: Business Planning and Implementation Training

Teach A Man To Fish are now continuing their partnership with People In Need (PIN) in Afghanistan to support the implementation of 3 businesses at 3 schools in Baghlan, Nanagarhar and Samangen provinces through distance support. We initially supported PIN to develop detailed business plans and budgets for these 3 businesses, through workshop materials, templates and intensive mentoring.

Nicaragua; exciting update from Dianova school as they start on their journey to self-sufficiency

As part of our technical assistance work in Nicaragua in July 2011 Teach A Man To Fish developed a business plan for the Esther del Río Las Marías school. The school was set up by Dianova Foundation in 1998, an international foundation specialising in education, youth, addiction prevention and treatment work, and the school is classed as a social protection centre, catering to many students with difficult backgrounds such as families affected by drugs, alcoholism and domestic violence.

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