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Central America: Schools taking their businesses to the next level

Colegio Parroquial Hermano Pedro Betancourt is the school enterprise set up by 14 motivated students from Colegio Hermano Pedro Betancourt in Managua, Nicaragua. The school is a member of our Enterprising Schools Network, Central America. The business has been able to increase its production and creative capacity from making Christmas cards and has begun having a workshop in which the students produce plaster sculptures from images of sacred art. This way the school is taking advantage of  their location directly next to a Catholic church.

Central America: Making new friends through the Enterprising School Network

On Thursday 22nd of January, the Enterprising Schools Network, Central America held its first conference, where members aa well as participants of the School Enterprise Challenge 2014 united. Ten participating schools from Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua met at host school La Bastilla in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

Nicaragua: La Bastilla’s 2014 graduates already on the road to success!

For this month’s blog we wanted to check in with La Bastilla’s recent graduates as many have already been offered university places and started new jobs and internships! Below are just a few of the success stories from the La Bastilla Technically Centre’s 5th batch of graduates.

For the third year in a row, a La Bastilla student has won a prestigious scholarship to Costa Rica’s EARTH University! Norlan Altamirano was awarded a full 4-year scholarship to study at the university, which specialises in agricultural science.

Nicaragua: Updates on La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture & Tourism

This month, we wanted to share with you some of the latest events that have taken place at La Bastilla Technical Centre.

Nicaragua: The Magnificent Irma

Nicaragua: A new academic year has started at La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture & Tourism!

On February 10th 2014, the new academic year started at La Bastilla Technical School. Out of the forty-five students that are studying at the school we have eleven 1st year students  getting acquainted with the “learning by doing” educational model.

Nicaragua: Past graduates - where are they now?

We were interested to learn more about the lives of our La Bastilla graduates once they leave school, so we invited students who finished in 2010, 2011 and 2012 to join us at a meeting in Jinotega town to catch up with them and celebrate their achievements!  

We were so delighted with their experiences after leaving school that we wanted to share some of their stories with you!

Carlos José Herrera

Sara's Volunteer Experience: Here's What I've Done, What Can You Do?


Meet La Bastilla's Students: Juana Rosa Gutierrez

Juanita Rosa Gutierrez, one of La Bastilla’s prominent students has definitely made the most of her two year experience thus far. She is the perfect example of a promising adolescent in Nicaragua who takes advantage of future-benefitting programs and understands the importance of the educational and leadership opportunities available.

Nicaragua - Cheese production during Paola's first week at La Bastilla

Hello everyone, I’m Paola and I’m the new Field Officer at La Bastilla Technical School.

I’ve moved in this week and I’ve been meeting people and visiting the different businesses since then. On Thursday I had the chance to make cheese with the students, so today I’d like to share this experience with you.

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