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Making Sustainable Education Simpler

We've now proven beyond a doubt that a school can offer students a transformative high quality education and cover their own costs through school-run businesses.

Nonetheless people often ask us, 'If financially self-sufficient schools are such a good idea , why aren't there more schools following this model?'.

The short answer is that starting a financially self-sufficient school has always been too hard and too full of risks for most institutions to contemplate.

The SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series aims to make starting such a school easy, and reduce the risks involved to a manageable level.

This series draws together the collective experiences of Teach a Man to Fish, our sister organisation Fundacion Paraguaya, and the many school partners we work with across the developing world into nine easy-to-read self-help manuals.


Download the SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series

The full series of manuals are free to download using the links below.

1. Getting Started: An Introduction to Financially Self-Sufficient Schools

2. How To Evaluate Your Organization

3. How To Organize Your School

4. How To Generate School Income

5. How To Run A Self-Sufficient School

6. How to Educate Successful Rural Entrepreneurs

7. How to Organize Student Life

8. How to Write A Business Plan for a Self-Sufficient School

9. How to Finance Your Plan


Help Us Improve the SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series

Working in education we find we're learning all the time, and we expect the SCHOOL IN A BOX Guide Series to be a document that evolves over time to incorporate this learning. Putting together this series has only been possible through the hard work and generoisty of our many collaborators. All we ask in return is that you help us to learn by sharing your feedback on these manuals with us.

Please send comments to schoolinabox@teachamantofish.org.uk

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