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School Enterprise Challenge Rwanda 

In 2016, we launched the School Enterprise Challenge Rwanda programme and supported 17 low-resource schools plan and to set up businesses that ranged from poultry and egg production, to a barber and hairdressing salon to a dairy which sells ice-cream and butter. In 2017, we aim to bring our support to 40 schools.

Joseph's story

We worked with students and teachers at Liba School in Rwanda to set up a real business.
Joseph immediately joined the school business team and suddenly was learning exciting new practical skills. In 6 months the school poultry business was selling eggs and chickens to local cafes. The income bought school books and uniforms for poorer students like Joseph.
The school business taught Joseph how to plan and run a profitable business and gave him the motivation and confidence to do it himself. Within 8 months Joseph, who is 15, set up his own small business with 3 chickens. The income from egg sales has paid for school books and shoes for him and his sister.

At another school in Rwanda

The student business team of eight boys and two girls offers barber and hairdressing services to other students and school staff. The team had 900 clients and made a profit of  US$ 220 during the year. 

“We appreciate this business because it helps us to acquire practical skills, experience and creativity in running a business.”

As part of our strategy to reach more young people in low-resource schools throughout Africa, we are working closely with partner organisations in countries where we are not present. In Tanzania, we are working with Fundación Paraguaya and, in Kenya, we are continuing our support for schools through working with 5 local non-profit organisations.
To learn more about our partners, click here.  

Rwanda Girls' Education Advancement Project 

Students at Ahazaza Independent School taking part in REAP programmes. 
From 2013 - 2017 Teach a Man to Fish was an implementing partner in the DFID-funded the Rwandan Girls' Education Advancement Project (REAP), led by Health Poverty Action. We supported 28 schools in Nyaraguru district in Southern Rwanda to set up and run sustainable school businesses to support girls' education.

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