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School Business Planning in Afghanistan

Teach A Man To Fish have been supporting People In Need to provide business planning and implementation support to 3 schools in Afghanistan since 2012. Schools in Nangarhar, Samagan and Baghlan provinces have planned and implemented dairy and poultry production businesses in order to support the finances of their schools, at the same time as exposing their students to the practical entrepreneurships skills often lacking in Afghan schools.

Every year, more than 400,000 young people enter the Afghan labour market – a number which is far beyond the labour market's capacity to absorb young workers. With schools providing a more practical and sustainable education, the education system in Afghanistan can start to better prepare young people to become job creators, rather than job seekers. 

After receiving training and educational resources from Teach A Man To Fish, PIN programmes staff delivered a business planning workshop to 15 staff from the beneficiary schools. After training on topics such as resource assessment, market research and competitor analysis, each school produced a business plan for their chosen enterprise, providing a clear roadmap for their school business project.   

Teach A Man To Fish continue to support People In Need's Afghan Programmes in the following areas:


  • Development of a simple to use business planning manual for Afghan Schools
  • Ongoing problem solving and capacity building of school staff in school businesses
  • Implementation of systems and processes for managing business finance
  • Development of simple operation manuals for different business types

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