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Our Donors and Supporters

We are extremely grateful to the foundations, organisations and individuals that have chosen to support us and our partner schools. Thank you.  

  • DFID
  • The Saville Foundation
  • Jacobs Foundation 
  • The Social Capital Foundation
  • ICM Foundation
  • The Alan and Babette Sainsbury Charitable Fund  
  • The Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust
  • Open Gate Trust
  • The Equitable Charitable Trust
  • The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust
  • Make My Day Better
  • Ithala Development Finance Corporation
  • Scott Bader Commonwealth 
  • Lubbock Fine
  • The Norben Charity 
  • The Leggatt Trust 
  • The Funding Network
  • UCL RAG Society
  • Czarnikow
  • British and Foreign Schools Society (BFSS)
  • Harlequins Rugby Club
  • Knowledge Grab  





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