Latin America Projects

Teach A Man To Fish is a registered NGO in Nicaragua with three staff who help manage School Enterprise Challenge, Central America. We have been working with individual partner schools in Central America since 2009. 

Now, working closely with locally-rooted organisations and government education offices we engage low-resource schools in our School Enterprise Challenge Central and Latin America programme and provide direct training and step by step support that is tailored to the local context, as well as social media networks for teacher and student experience exchange.

In 2016, we created over 6,000 student entrepreneurs and 500 inspirational teachers in 331 schools.

La Bastilla Technical Agricultural High School

We have worked with La Bastilla, a vocational technical school in the coffee plantations of Northern Nicaragua since 2009, helping to develop seven school businesses, including an eco-hotel, egg production and a dairy business. Our recent graduate survey found that 100% of graduates are in further study or working in well-paying jobs/businesses earning well above the national average. The school covers 85% of its total running costs through its school businesses.

If I had not joined La Bastilla and the school business team, most likely I would be sitting around at home doing nothing. I would not work, maybe I would be studying but I would be very much behind”. Juanita, Jinotega, Nicaragua
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More work in Latin America

In Nicaragua, endorsed by the Ministry of Education (MINED) and working in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Nicaragua, we aim to support student and teacher teams in 90 schools to plan, run and develop a school business 2017-2019.

From pickles in Peru to coffee beans in Guatemala, more and more schools in this region are finding our School-Business model helps give more young people access to relevant education and a solution to youth unemployment. 

In Honduras, supported by the Secretaría de Educacion and two local partners (see partners), we aim to build our support for low-resource schools to reach student and teacher teams in 100 schools, 2017-19.

In Guatemala, working closely with the Sub-Directorate of the Ministry of Education DIGEEX we are building our support for Nucleo Familiar de Desarollo (NUFED) schools. We plan to engage teacher and student teams in 70 schools in our School Enterprise Challenge Latin America programme 2017-2019. NUFED schools provide education for young people in marginalised locations throughout Guatemala with community support.

In Paraguay, we work hand-in-hand with our sister organisation Fundación Paraguay (link to our partners) to bring the School Enterprise Challenge programme to schools across Paraguay. In 2017 we aim to support 300 schools in planning and running a school business that is both educational and profitable.

Our work in Central America is supported by Make My Day Better, The Social Capital Foundation, The British and Foreign Schools Society (BFSS), Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust and The Saville Foundation.



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