How we work

To make our vision a reality, we work in four core areas: 

1. Work With Partners

Teach A Man To Fish works with local partners, providing tailored support to schools and NGOs which are setting up businesses. Our field officers work to train school staff and students to run their own businesses so that projects becomes sustainable in the long-term.

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2. Fostering Competition

To encourage and inspire innovation in education:

  •  The School Enterprise Challenge is our flagship global programme which helps schools to plan and set up an educational business. Over 70,000 students have learned about entrepreneurship and gained real-life business skills since the competition began.
  •  We run the Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education to reward the very best projects in Africa which are using enterprise and entrepreneurship to innovate in the field of education, to highlight their models and help them to scale.

3. Training & Consultancy

Teach A Man To Fish offers short-term consulting and business planning services for schools and NGOs to help organisations create profitable businesses and use these businesses as an essential educational tool. We also provide capacity-building and support in how to manage and run your business.

4. Knowledge Sharing

  • We love sharing knowledge and pooling resources – our educational resources are free to download from the website and walk schools through the process of setting up a business
  • Our distance-learning courses provide personalised support from an experienced member of the Teach A Man To Fish team with writing a business plan. You can also attend our annual conference to get inspired by the work being done by NGOs and schools across the world and meet like-minded people.


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