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Entrepreneurship in Schools

School Enterprises: Combining Vocational Learning with Production (1998) Madhu Singh
This study reviews the work of institutions across the world which in addition to providing educational services also produce other goods and services for sale in the market. A number of case studies are presented from Algeria, Botswana, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea. The findings are summarized, and conclusions and guidelines are developed.
- School Enterprises: Combining Vocational Learning with Production

Entrepreneurship Education Resources

UNESCO Entrepreneurship Training Packages
Developed by curriculum experts from Sub-Saharan Africa these packages consist of practical guides which aim to provide young people with an entrepreneurial mindset and the knowledge to use their technical skills to start a small business.

Non-formal learners:
Facilitator’s guide
Participant’s workbook

Secondary students:
Facilitator’s guide
Participant’s workbook

Project Resources & Capacity Building

CIVICUS Toolkits
Based on requests from members, CIVICUS has produced a range of toolkits to enable organisations to improve their capacity in a number of keyareas related to project planning, budgeting and monitoring & evaluation.

The above toolkits as well as many more on a range of related topics are available from the CIVICUS website.

NORAD handbook on gender and empowerment assessment
Produced by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, this handbook presents a method for Gender Empowerment Assessment (GEA) which records how development projects and programmes affect women and men. (Word)

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