Entrepreneurship Curriculum Training

Do you want to run a practical entrepreneurship course in your primary or secondary schools? 
Are you looking for a curriculum and training in how to deliver the course?

The quality and relevance of education being provided at schools worldwide is an important issue for Teach A Man To Fish. We believe that education systems and curriculums often fail to provide students with the skills they need to reach their full potential in employment and in life.

Our solution is to support schools to provide students with a combination of business, technical and life skills that can help them to:  

  • get a job; 
  • start their own successful business
  • or successfully enter further education  

Experience of running a school business gives students vital skills for life. Our practical entrepreneurship curriculum for primary and secondary levels supplement the practical skills gained through experience in the school businesses, by helping students to understand the value of the skills they are learning, and by providing them with the whole spectrum of skills needed to plan and implement a business from scratch.

Teach A Man To Fish can provide from 1 to 3 days of training on implementing and delivering the primary or secondary level practical entrepreneurship curriculum in your school. This training can either be provided remotely, or directly to your network of schools in-country.  

Please email info@teachamantofish.org.uk for more information.

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