Enterprising Schools Network

The Enterprising Schools Network supports schools in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala to set up businesses that generate income, teach practical workplace skills, and stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship in students.

The network is supporting over 50 schools to plan their first educational school business and has already reached 420 children and young people. Schools across the region have set up school businesses, including a vegetable garden in Honduras, purifying water in Guatemala, and an internet café and photocopying service in Nicaragua.




The project also provides a network of support and learning for schools with businesses already up and running. Knowledge sharing events and learning exchanges between schools help businesses develop and succeed. Teach A Man To Fish will be training 150 educators on how to use a school business as a practical learning tool in the coming months. This includes training on interactive teaching and student-led learning, an entrepreneurship curriculum and free educational materials, tools and guidance.

A student at La Bastilla Technical School for Agriculture and Tourism, Jinotega, Nicaragua demonstrates ‘learning by doing’ at one of the school’s businesses – the egg production business.


What teachers think of the Enterprising Schools Network

“We enjoyed the Schools Enterprise Challenge because it allows the students to come up with the best business idea in a team, to work together on a financial plan, a marketing plan and an operational plan and offers a complete learning experience."- Lucio, a teacher of Sustainable Tourism at the ‘Ak’Tenamit’ school in Guatemala. 

 “Learning from other schools and sharing our experiences about running educational school businesses allows us to create better ideas for our school and for our students to get ahead” -Director Funez, Honduras.                                                                                                                                                            


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