Making Sustainable Education Simpler

Starting school enterprises is a great way for schools to generate extra income and provide students a chance to learn valuable practical and business skills.

While there are lots of obvious businesses that almost all schools in developing countries could try - like keeping chickens - there are lots of more unusual possibilities too.

The SCHOOL BUSINESS START-UP series of 2 page guides aims to provide schools looking to start up their own enterprises with some alternative ideas for business activities to consider.

Each guide provides some basic facts about the product, what you need to get started, costs, and potential for income generation - along with links to websites where you can get more detailed information if needed.

The great thing about many of these businesses is that they serve a double purpose. A school with a brick making business can use some of its production to build new classrooms. Similarly a school which sells solar cookers can save parents money on firewood meaning they can pay their fees more easily, or or use their savings to buy school books - as well as the environment of course!


The full series of guides are free to download using the links below.

1. Brick Making Business Guide 

Bloques De Tierra Comprimido Guia de Negocios (espanol)

2. Dried Fruit Business Guide

3. Fruit Juice & Jam Making Business Guide

4. Solar Cooker Business Guide

More Guides Coming Soon!!!!

Help Us Improve The Guides

As ever we rely on your feedback to help us improve our materials, and to inspire other organizations.

If you have managed to use these guides to successfully start a school business or if you have any suggestions for additional guides you'd like to see, please let us know - send comments to info@teachamantofish.org.uk

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