Imagine Scholar share their successes since winning the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education

This week we caught up with past Winners of the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education 2014 - Imagine Scholar. We wanted to know what they had achieved since their success in the Awards and were blown away by all that they have accomplished. News like this is testament to the value of investing in entrepreneurship in education. The results speak for themselves.

Inspiring teacher, Smith Habulembe

"Teach A Man to Fish has inspired me into constructing the first-ever and only elementary and preschool in my rural home area in Zambia. The 3 classrooms, 1 library, 1 recreation block, 1 cubicle for the Matron, 2 office blocks, 3 modern toilets and lavatories, and bathrooms were built over the years since 2008 when I started interacting with Teach A Man to Fish.

Because of your organisation, I am doing what has never been done before for the sake of children.

Central America: Schools taking their businesses to the next level

Colegio Parroquial Hermano Pedro Betancourt is the school enterprise set up by 14 motivated students from Colegio Hermano Pedro Betancourt in Managua, Nicaragua. The school is a member of our Enterprising Schools Network, Central America. The business has been able to increase its production and creative capacity from making Christmas cards and has begun having a workshop in which the students produce plaster sculptures from images of sacred art. This way the school is taking advantage of  their location directly next to a Catholic church.

Rwanda: Nyanza primary school students reflect on what they have learnt from setting up their business

Nyanza Primary School is one of the 13 schools that have received start-up capital though a Teach A Man To Fish programme in Southern Rwanda. Here the students reflect on what they have learnt and achieved through setting up their stationary business.  

Students and teachers pose together at their school business

Why set up a school business?

République Démocratique du Congo : À la recherche d'un avenir pour la jeunesse locale, après la fermetures des mines de diamants

Dans le cadre de notre partenariat avec le réseau d’écoles Via Don Bosco, Teach A Man To Fish est actuellement en visite au Centre Mazarello à Mbuji-Mayi, au centre de la RDC. Les consultants de notre bureau d’Ouganda et du Rwanda ont jusqu'ici passé une semaine à l'école, menant une série d'ateliers participatifs et en travaillant avec les enseignant et les élèves à planifier les activités d’entreprises scolaires. 

Democratic Republic of Congo: Growing a future for local youth after the diamond mines have closed

As part of an on-going partnership with the Via Don Bosco network of schools, Teach A Man To Fish are currently visiting the Centre Mazarello in Mbuji-Mayi, central DRC. Consultants from our Uganda and Rwanda office have so far spent one week at the school, leading a series of participative workshops and working with staff and students to plan the school businesses.

Central America: It’s raining workshops! Delivering workshops and teaming up with local partner organisations to support schools

Workshops are a key way that Teach a Man to Fish support schools taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge to set up successful, educational businesses. There are three rounds of workshops given per year, one for each stage of the competition; coming up with a business idea, writing a business plan and running a business. These interactive workshops support schools develop a business that suits their local context.

Uganda: Profits from school poultry business invested back into school & business & shared equally between staff and students.

Mackay Memorial College is a government school on the outskirts of Kampala. The school has three real-life school businesses- a poultry business, a piggery and a dance troupe that performs at weddings and events. In these businesses teachers and students are equal players, planning and developing the businesses and managing finances together. This spring the school held a Profit Sharing Ceremony to share the profits of their successful poultry business and celebrate a year of hard work and successes.

School Enterprise Challenge: Excited to see the businesses of 2015!

At Teach A Man To Fish we are delighted that the 2015 School Enterprise Challenge will be the biggest yet, with almost 1800 schools in 100 countries already started on their journey to plan and develop an educational and profitable business.

Rwanda: Meet teacher Claude and hear how the school's business is benefitting students and the community

Claude is an English teacher from Muganza Secondary School- a school in a remote part of Nyaruguru district, Rwanda. Claude is one of six staff members at the school who have worked, with support from Teach A Man To Fish, to set up an educational and profitable school business. The business they have decided to set up is a stationary and photocopying shop.

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