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Teach A Man To Fish has been engaging with schools and partners all over Africa since our foundation in 2006. Taking inspiration from the school business model developed at our flagship school in Paraguay, the model has now been adapted and implemented in a variety of locations across the continent including West, South and East Africa.

Africa is a youthful continent but youth represent over 60% of the total unemployed. Young people need a different kind of education for the changing economy. Our School- Business model can help schools in Africa deliver relevant, sustainable education that can provide young people with the business, entrepreneurship and life skills they need to get a decent job or create their own job.

Find out more about our current active projects in Africa by visiting the pages below: 


Our School Enterprise Challenge Uganda programme is working with 10 local partners and 2 district education offices to support over 100 schools in 2017 to plan and set up school businesses that are both educational and profitable. We are building on our work in 2016, when we supported student and teacher teams in 53 schools to plan and run school businesses which ranged from vegetable production to school stationery to bakeries. In 2016 we enabled 5,919 young Ugandans to become student entrepreneurs and over 261 teachers to become inspirational teachers and take learning beyond the classroom.

Our “Skilling Young Ugandans (SKY)” project provides intensive support to four secondary schools in Kampala District to develop their school businesses with the aim to generate a significant income stream for the school and simultaneously embed practise-based business and entrepreneurship teaching into the curriculum.


From 2013 to 2017 Teach a Man to Fish has been an implementing partner in the DFID-funded the Rwandan Education Advancement Project (REAP), led by Health Poverty Action. We have supported 28 schools in Nyaraguru district in Southern Rwanda to set up and run sustainable school businesses to support girls' education.

In 2016, we launched the School Enterprise Challenge Rwanda programme and supported 17 low-resource schools plan and/or to set up businesses that ranged from a barber and hairdressing salon, to a dairy which sells ice-cream and butter, to a carpentry workshop. In 2017, we aim to bring our support to more new schools.

South Africa

Our Entrepreneurial and Environmental Empowerment for South Africa’s Youth (EEESAY) project started in December 2016 with a grant from EuropeAid. EEESAY aims to empower 6,050 youth in KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces with the competencies and attitudes to succeed in school, the workplace or in their own business. Working with the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA),  Business World Development Trust and the provincial education offices of Kwa Zulu Natal and Eastern Cape we are providing intensive support to student and teacher teams in 40 low-resource schools over 3 years.

The School Enterprise Challenge South Africa programme was launched in 2014 in Kwa Zulu Natal. In 2016, more than 260 student entrepreneurs and 70 teachers directly benefitted from training, step-by-step resources and weekly support to plan, run and develop school businesses. Student entrepreneurs increased their exam pass rates from 38% to 67%. The programme aims to engage more schools every year and will also continue support for EEESAY schools beyond the project.

"I was chosen as a team leader in our school business. I used to struggle with maths, but as a team we helped each other out. Now, accounting is something that I would like to do in the future. My biggest personal achievement has been gaining confidence. I am now able to talk to new people and can communicate clearly." Siphindile Nzama, Hope Valley Farm School, South Africa

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