Innovation during Covid-19

Continued access to our programmes

With the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were determined to continue reaching young people and supporting educators worldwide, so we innovated.

We worked closely with teachers to expand their understanding of student-centred pedagogy, developing teacher training webinars that focused on methodologies and tools to cultivate agency in young people.

In Uganda and Rwanda, we ran 64 out-of-school business clubs with 3,500 young people participating. This allowed us to support children and young people in marginalised communities to gain essential life and business skills in spite of school closures.

We launched the Enterprise Adventure, a programme that is designed to support young people to come up with a plan for a social enterprise that addresses problems in their communities. It was delivered in South Africa and Uganda through printed workbooks, and through a mobile app developed in-house to reach as many young people as possible worldwide.

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