Training & Consultancy

How do you cover the cost of providing a quality education to students?

How do you ensure that what students learn is relevant to the real world?

How do you make sure your work in education is financially sustainable in the long term?

With a global financial and youth unemployment crisis, many schools and organisations are asking themselves these questions. Teach A Man To Fish provides unique and specialist training and consultancy services in all aspects of planning, setting-up and managing a real and profitable school business. We also specialise in optimizing a school businesses as an educational tool, teaching students the skills needed for success in work and in life.

Teach A Man To Fish has developed a deep understanding of business implementation in school environments through 10 years of supporting school and organisations such as Via Don Bosco, The British Council and the UK Department of International Development, at local level, in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

Who can benefit from our services?

1.       Organisations that work with schools

Educational organisations that want to build their capacity in supporting schools to provide quality, relevant and financially sustainable education.

2.       Schools

· Schools wanting to start an educational and profitable business

· Schools with an existing business who want to generate income to cover their running costs

· Schools interested to using their business as an educational tool

We can provide training and consultancy for schools and NGOs in the following areas:

For further information, please see: 

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