Centro de Educacion Agricola Alternative (CEAA), Bolivia

Key facts:

  • The school was established by our local Bolivian partner Agro XXI
  • It now has several businesses underway. These include grain storage, dairy farming, beekeeping, poultry production, a tree nursery and others
  • The school offers 3 different technical qualifications to students

CEAA Bolivia: Video Overview

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The school is situated about 20 km outside of the town of Villamontes, with 30,000 residents, in South Eastern Bolivia.

The Centro de Educación Alternativa Agrícola (CEAA) was established in January 2007 as a practical agricultural school by the Bolivian NGO Agro XXI to meet the needs of poor rural youth in the impoverished Chaco region. Agro XXI administers the school and is well established in the region.

The CEAA is partnered with the neighbouring government school where CEAA students take core curriculum subjects. Due to this unique arrangement graduates of the CEAA receive both a standard High School Diploma and technical agricultural qualifications, enabling them to enter University or gain employment as agricultural extension officers or technicians.

Teach a Man to Fish worked with the school and Agro XXI to formulate a business plan in 2009 order for CEAA to achieve 100% financial self-sufficiency by 2014.

Plan in Action

The school now has about 35 students and several businesses underway. These include:

  • Tree Nursery
  • Vegetable garden
  • Dairy farming for the production of milk, cheese and caramel
  • Beekeeping for honey production
  • Production of organic compost
  • Chickens
  • Jam making

In the fututre the school will act as a demonstration and education centre for sustainable agriculture and farming for the surrounding community.

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