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Nicaragua: Have I Got News For You!

Wednesday, 25th August 2010 - It’s been quite a while since my last entry and have I got news for you!  Where to begin? 

Nicaragua: Bright Students, Promising Futures.

Wednesday, 23rd June 2010 - This month I thought I would do a special blog entry writing exclusively about the students of La Batsilla Agricultural School who are, afterall, the protagonists of this educational programme.  The following profiles are of five determined and ambitious students who have stood out for their achievements in the last few months, and are clear about what they would like to accomplish in the future. 

Uganda: Meet John

Uganda: Posho Mill Update - Creating something from Nothing

Only one month on and St. Denis has created something from nothing! See our construction progress....

What once was an empty field...

Now is transformed!

Two new arrivals and some hail

So you thought that it did not get cold in southern Bolivia! Well, our thermometer proves you wrong, as does the hail that nearly broke the sheet on top of our greenhouse in July! A lack of heating and a broken shower led to us spending much of the middle two weeks of July hiding in our kitchen, wrapped in blankets and huddled round the stove. Or a fire outdoors.

Uganda: Kampala Bombings

Here in Makondo we awoke to the news - I myself awoke to a text messages from concerned family and friends back in the U.S. Breakfast was subdued throughout the village, families huddled around radios and televisions... 3 bomb blasts in Kampala during the World Cup Final, over 70 injured, the death toll climbing with at least 70 dead....

Uganda: Posho Mill Go!

July 7th was a momentous day for St. Denis as it moved forward with her biggest business yet! Land for the upcoming St. Denis Posho Mill was purchased!

Posho, a stiff corn meal type cake, is a staple food here in Uganda. St. Denis was lucky enough to find and purchase prime property in the village that will gaurantee fantastic visibility for the business and will be sure to provide the Makondo community a much needed service.

Uganda: The Start of Somethings New...

June was a busy and exciting month here at St. Denis. With the businesses continuing and progressing well, the students back in classes, and the coffee harvest upon us, there has been much to work on and report.


1st June 2010- When all else fails, do it yourself.

Starting to build...

11 May 2010- Concrete progress is often hard to come by in the Chaco, but I am happy to report that we have finally begun to build!  The first half of the composting beds is being finished by the third year students, which not only means that we may soon be able to start producing "lombricompost", but also means that they are gaining another useful skill. The second set of beds is also under construction, and one wall has been completed.  The worms have been delivered and are getting used to their new environment, so in a few months we will be ready to harvest the organic fertilizer.

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