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Uganda: Learning by doing.

As the sun sets on term one, its time for the school to reward those students who have shown real commitment to the St Denis Self Sufficiency project and learning new skills over the past 10 weeks.

(Being on the equator, the sun in Makondo sets at 7:00pm for the whole year.)

Uganda: More about Med.

Katongole Mohammed (from the clan of the cow) is a 17 year old Senior 2 boarding student at St Denis Makondo. His family is from a village some 10 km away from the school and consists of Mum, Dad, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. His Mother and Father undertake several income activities in order to support their family, including farming matooke, beans and maize, the staple foods in the district. The majority of the food grown is eaten by the family, but excess is sold to other community members who come by the house to purchase.

Uganda: The rain has finally come.

The ups and downs of March have made it an exciting month but everyone is breathing a sigh of relief since the rains have finally arrived and the landscape is rapidly returning to it’s lush green colour. The extended dry season had made life difficult for families in the district, since the ground was too hard for digging, water sources were further away and muddy, and a shortage of food meant unaffordable prices for many people. 

Uganda: Lets make some money!

Term 1 is now in full swing across the region, and with elections and valentines day (a very big deal) out of the way, St Denis students can now fully focus on their studies. I have been enjoying maths, entrepreneurship, agriculture and geography lessons, and finding that my GCSE maths is a little rusty! 

Uganda: Predictable results

Hopefully many of you have been thinking about Uganda recently what with all the election coverage… yes they took place last Friday and the results were officially announced on Sunday evening with President Museveni maintaining leadership.

Uganda: Shopping for the new term.

So…. Having been here for nearly six weeks with no students to speak of, school has finally started! Well, it is gradually starting I should say, as we are still missing some students and the new first years are waiting to receive their exam results before registering. 

Uganda: Spruced up cows and some baking.


The school holidays have given us a good opportunity to iron out some issues that are affecting the productivity of the businesses. 

Uganda: First weeks and Tanzania!


Many thanks to Jamie and the previous project officers for keeping us so up to date with all of the happenings at St Denis. My name is Emily and I have taken over from Jamie here in Uganda to continue her work with the school and community in Makondo Parish.

Nicaragua: La Bastilla Agricultural Technical School Celebrates Its First Graduation

Thursday, 16th December 2010.  The 1st December 2010 will always be remembered as a special day in La Bastilla’s history.  This day marked La Bastilla Agricultural Technical School’s first ever graduation ceremony, with 15 students, including Escarlet who won a scholarship to study in the US starting in September 2010 (refer to 23rd June 2010 blog entry: “Bright Students, Promising Futures”), gaining the Agricultural Technical Certificate with Honours in Agribusiness.        

Nicaragua: Celebrations

Wednesday, 27th October 2010

These last couple of months have been relatively quiet here at La Bastilla compared to previous months, mostly due to the Independence Day and subsequent school holidays in the middle of September.   In the week leading up to Independence Day on 16th September, each year group at the technical school led and organised the morning’s school assembly, including performances by the teachers, culminating in a procession involving all 211 students from both the technical and primary and regular secondary school through Las Colinas community.

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