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Kenya: New term new beginnings....

With the arrival of the new term and all the students and teachers back on campus, we’re excited to move forward with our plans and

Uganda: Alumni reflections on St Denis.

Enough of me telling you what's going on here in Uganda, here are two accounts by St Denis graduates telling us what they are doing now and how the skills they learnt at St Denis are helping them. The accounts are summaries of interviews recently recorded for the upcoming St Denis film: 

Uganda: The parents are on board.

The fifth St Denis Business, the Posho (or maize) Mill, is soon to be under way, once fundraising for the electricity permit reaches its target. The poor old mill has been waiting for its electricity connection for some time, after the electricity board demanded 25 million Ugandan shillings (Around £6000) for installation of a transformer. That’s a lot of cash for a remote Ugandan community!

Uganda: Keeping focussed in Term 2.

The remote Makondo community has been busy with the coffee harvest these last few months, with any spare time spent picking coffee beans in the plantations. Nearly every home has been surrounded with drying beans for weeks and weeks and people are getting ready to celebrate cashing in on their crop. Mills are pumping away to remove the husks ready for beans to be sold for roasting.

Kenya: Getting involved

This month the focus in Ondati has been on increasing girls’ involvement in the school businesses. It is difficult to find more hours in a day packed by the Kenyan Curriculum but the staff here have designated time before and after school for both extra business classes and manual project work.

La Bastilla (Nicaragua) - Life in the rain forest

Hi everybody! Seeing as we’ve now been here for 3 months (4 months in the case of Antonio!) we thought it was about time that we introduced ourselves and blogged about the exciting things happening at La Bastilla!

Uganda: Utilising the holidays.

During the easter holidays, students created a rota for working at the St Denis computer business, so they could assist with serving customers, as well as registering for email accounts and brushing up on their typing skills. Eight students came for two days each, and learnt how to photocopy, email, design invitations and calculate the monthly income.

Kenya: Na Shukuru Sana Ondati

We’ve been in Ondati, Kenya, for 6 weeks now and time is flying by!  Our time here so far has mostly consisted of creating awareness of the TAMTF self-sufficient school model.  All students and staff can now detail the main objectives for this year.  Everyone is excited to improve current projects, as well as start new ones, and we have allotted time for project training in the school day.  To date we have had multiple project meetings with students, committee, teaching staff and general staff to discuss the implementation of the model.

Uganda: The impact of cultural attitudes on girls' education.

Girls are often denied the same educational opportunities as boys due to cultural attitudes and poverty. Although these factors vary from country to country, there are trends that highlight the lack of opportunities for girls worldwide. This area has become a priority for many global organizations, including the World Bank who state that ‘Girls’ education and the promotion of gender equality in education are vital to development, and policies and actions that do not address gender disparities miss critical development opportunities.’1

Karibu Kenya

One week down, although so much has happened in this time it feels like much longer.  After a busy few days in Kisumu, trying to stock

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