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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 — Weeks four and five and six: 7th April 09 to 24th April 09. The first week was largely spent creating the constitution for the project. For the group to be registered as a Community Based Organisation [CBO] with the social services this document is a necessity, as it is with the donor organisations. The problem was that the level of detail in a standard Kenyan CBO constitution and that required for UK-based organisations to secure due-diligence is vastly different; so I had to work on it for a few days when I returned to the Africa Now office. I suppose this is one of the potential difficulties in participatory practice.

James Riggs: Blog for Ondati Girl’s School

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 —  Sustainable School Project for Teach A Man To Fish UK. 

My experience in Ondati exists on two planes, and as a portrayal of this internship, I shall try to highlight both the professional and personal accounts of my time here. I spend two weeks at a time in the village and then headed back to the large town of Kisumu to use the offices of Africa Now (http://www.africanow.org/) and send relevant information back to the UK. It is also here that I shall write the blog of my time in the village.
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