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Kenya: Akeyo's Story

Kenya: November's news...

The rain just keeps coming and Ondati feels like an island in a sea of mud. However, this doesn’t stop progress and a lot has happened this month.

The beginning of the month was exam time and the boarders could be seen studying late in the classrooms late into the night under the light of a new battery bought with project income. The students kept up their hard work in the projects, despite the academic pressures, illustrating that partaking in the school businesses is becoming a routine for Ondati girls.

Kenya: A personal point of view...

Ben Otieno is the Project Coordinator at Ondati Secondary School and works closely to manage each business by providing labour, handling custom

Kenya: Meet one of Ondati's students....


Victoria Ouma started as a form 1 student at Ondati Girls in January 2011. She has five siblings at home, who her parents have to pay school fees for. She comes from a town about 2 hours from Ondati, where all the secondary schools charge very high fees that her parents cannot afford. Worried that she would not be able to attend secondary school because of this, she was very relieved when her grandfather found Ondati Girls for her.


Kenya: New term new beginnings....

With the arrival of the new term and all the students and teachers back on campus, we’re excited to move forward with our plans and

Kenya: Getting involved

This month the focus in Ondati has been on increasing girls’ involvement in the school businesses. It is difficult to find more hours in a day packed by the Kenyan Curriculum but the staff here have designated time before and after school for both extra business classes and manual project work.

Kenya: Na Shukuru Sana Ondati

We’ve been in Ondati, Kenya, for 6 weeks now and time is flying by!  Our time here so far has mostly consisted of creating awareness of the TAMTF self-sufficient school model.  All students and staff can now detail the main objectives for this year.  Everyone is excited to improve current projects, as well as start new ones, and we have allotted time for project training in the school day.  To date we have had multiple project meetings with students, committee, teaching staff and general staff to discuss the implementation of the model.

Karibu Kenya

One week down, although so much has happened in this time it feels like much longer.  After a busy few days in Kisumu, trying to stock

Kenya: The Time of Reckoning

June in these parts of Africa marks the end of rainy season and the start of the all important harvest. The fruits of five months hard work in the fields come to bear at this all important crossroad in the fortune of the village.


May has been a month of extremes in Ondati. While we have made some determined progress on the school businesses, factors outside our control have caused some severe disturbances to the project.

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