Uganda: Teach A Man To Fish workshop in Kampala

Teach A Man To Fish Uganda offer workshops to school directors, head teachers and teachers in Uganda who are interested in the Teach A Man To Fish model of sustainable education and want to learn about the benefits it can bring to their schools. We held an introduction workshop at Lweza training center on 10th February which looked at "Overcoming the challenges and creating solutions for sustainable education in Uganda".  We were joined by some furry friends!


Participants were given an introduction to the Teach A Man To Fish model and examples of its implementation before brainstorming the challenges they have faced in trying to start school businesses and providing their students with practical entrepreneurship experience. Challenges raised included low margins, especially in rural areas, as well as the overly academic nature of the Ugandan curriculum. Together the group came up with solutions such as tapping into markets with a higher purchasing power (don't only focus on selling your products and services in the area you are based), and organising student attachments with successful businesses and enterprises during the holidays. 


We spent the afternoon listening to group presentations, as well as making plans for future collaboration and discussing how Teach A Man To Fish can provide more support to schools in Uganda. Most participants said they wanted practical skills relating to business plan development and budget writing, and these workshops will be coming up in the very near future! Keep a look out! Or email emily@teachamantofish.org.uk for details. 

Our next Introduction workshop is taking place in Masaka on Friday 24th February.

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