Uganda: The Start of Somethings New...

June was a busy and exciting month here at St. Denis. With the businesses continuing and progressing well, the students back in classes, and the coffee harvest upon us, there has been much to work on and report.

 World Cup Fever took over St. Denis with a Sports Day and Mini World Cup organized by our visiting German volunteers, Daniel and Philip. A tradition in their village in Germany, the boys organized a 3 day 3v3 tournament and in a twist (as girls normally are not encouraged to play), ensured girls were included on every football team. Brazil took the day (a harbinger for the final in a few weeks?) and the girls were inspired to get their own football team together! After some practices, the St. Denis Heroes – an all girls soccer team has been formed! Plans are in the works for a girls soccer tournament to be held in the August holidays.



Teachers are are greatest resource at St. Denis and through formal and informal discussions about the many challenges they face, we decided to organize – the St. Denis Teachers' Saving and Loan Association has been formed. In weekly meetings over the past month, we have explored different microsavings models and settled on an adaptation of the Grameen Bank model – St. Denis Style. Teachers have formed small savings groups, written by-laws and constitutions, and are beginning to save towards the start of something new...it is hoped with continued success a similar program will begin for students and parents in the near future.









Stay tuned for more updates about the new St. Denis Posho Mill, new microenterprises in partnership with Into Your Hands, and our new Rural Entrepreneur Club …



Top: Mini World Cup

Bottom: Ssemambo Henry, St. Denis's entrepreneurship teacher, registers his savings in the Teacher Savings Association log.

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