Uganda: Spruced up cows and some baking.


The school holidays have given us a good opportunity to iron out some issues that are affecting the productivity of the businesses.  Having established a (usually!) reliable internet connection, the computer business is increasing its popularity and even has queues forming at busy times! We are now considering special offers such as free email and facebook signups.


The most exciting news of the week is that we have officially appointed a new manager of the dairy in the form of Henry, the librarian. He and the existing assistant will be responsible for implementing a new intensive feeding program aimed at improving the cow’s health and increasing their milk production. This will include a demanding daily timetable of grazing in the valley, the harvesting of elephant grass for the enclosure, water checks twice a day and spraying with insecticide, as well as the distribution of supplemental feeds.

Henry is going to have quite a lot on his hands with the cows and his additional role as the matoke plantation assistant, and will be recruiting a substantial number of students as dairy and plantation assistants. Here the students will be improving their knowledge of cow health and productivity, as well as learning about the prevention of banana weevils on the plantation. That’s one way to learn biology!

In other news I have been becoming more familiar with the surrounding community and recently had the pleasure of assisting with the weekly bake of around 1000 bread rolls in the village bakery. I have kindly been given permission to use the oven whenever I should like (there are no household ovens here) and have purchased the ingredients for banana bread. Wish me luck! :-)

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