Uganda: Some valuable visitors.

St Denis has been the lucky host of several visitors over the last couple of months, whose contributions have been extremely valuable to the progression of the Self Sufficiency Project. These have included accountants, volunteers, programme managers and other Teach A Man To Fish staff!

(Teach A Man To Fish project officers from Kenya, Headmaster from Ondati Kenya, Into Your Hands staff, Teach A Man To Fish Programmes Manager and me.)

Liz, an experienced accountant from London, decided to swap hedge fund accounts in the city for an AfID (Accountants for International Development) placement in Uganda. In only three weeks she managed to rewrite and revamp the St Denis school annual budget, train staff on writing budgets for income generating projects and establish record-keeping processes at a rural school nearby that had never used them before! The budget writing skills she passed on while here are soon to be disbursed to members of teaching staff at St Denis, who use income generating projects at home to supplement their teaching salaries. Staff are keen to use budget planning for projects such as coffee growing, poultry projects and charcoal making.

(Liz with St Denis students after a traditional dance performance. You can read Liz’s blog here.)

Giulia, an Italian volunteer, leapt into Makondo life with heaps of energy that she used to run a health course for students, as well as coordinating and running the student internships at the computer business center during the August holidays. As a result, the computer literacy of the St Denis students has taken a leap, and many are now hooked up with email and facebook. Please visit the ‘St Denis Makondo’ group on facebook and click ‘like’.


(If you want to volunteer with Teach A Man To Fish, click here. St Denis are particularly looking for volunteers interested in providing basic computer training to staff and students.)

A visit from my Teach A Man To Fish colleagues provided a great opportunity to show off progress here at St Denis, but also to brainstorm solutions to issues faced by St Denis and our Teach A Man To Fish school in Kenya, Ondati. The headmasters, Mr Reuben Omollo and Mr Lutaaya Charles, enjoyed chatting about their experiences of implementing a self-sufficiency project, and the Teach A Man To Fish Programmes Manager, Erica, enjoyed hearing about the future businesses St Denis plans to implement. 


(Teach A Man To Fish unites headmasters from Kenya and Uganda both implementing Self sufficiency projects while Teach A Man To Fish project officers and the programmes manager also swap notes.)










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