Uganda: Shopping for the new term.

So…. Having been here for nearly six weeks with no students to speak of, school has finally started! Well, it is gradually starting I should say, as we are still missing some students and the new first years are waiting to receive their exam results before registering. 

The village has gone from almost deserted to rather overcrowded with the influx of students and teachers for the primary school and St Denis, which in the eyes of a businesswomen, means more customers for our projects! The St Denis shop has opened with a bang since we have a new shop manager in the form of Justine, a new price list, and a whole load of new stock. Gum balls, sweets, chapati’s and banana pancakes are flying off the shelves and we are managing to shift the odd exercise book as well!

(Justine and I in the shop after restocking and a training session on the accounts.)

Many thanks to the out going shop manager who helped us with restocking at the wholesalers, and many thanks to the parish Priest for lending his car to a muzungu (white person) who was feeling less than confident about tackling the rural Ugandan ‘roads’ with a boot full of stock! We arrived in the end and thanks to the loyal custom of the students and staff we are already well on the way to having a successful (and profitable) term. Anyone want some pants or a graph book?

(At the wholesalers with the outgoing shop manager.)

(The new price list for the shop.)

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