Uganda: Schools embrace the School Enterprise Challenge!

Our Uganda Field Officer Jenny has been travelling across the country running workshops for Schools taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge

We have had over 100 teachers from Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools from districts as varied as Kabale, close the Rwanda boarder and Kitgum, close to South Sudan, attend the workshops. This has resulted in 117 schools in Uganda regsitering to take part in the competition!






During the workshops teachers discussed the challenges they have faced establishing school businesses in Uganda. Lack of land, lack of start-up capital and lack of business skills were all common problems. However, the teachers supported each other in finding solutions to these issues, such as completing a resource assement, attending workshops and trainings, and seeking support from other teachers. 

After discovering more about the competition, teachers then participated in Business Plan training. In particular they focused on the importantce of a Resource Assesment, Market Research, completing an Operational Plan and creating a Financing Strategy. Teachers also used example Business Plans from other School Enterprsie Challenge schools to identify what makes a good Business Plan. 

Teachers then took on the challenge of completing an example Finanical Plan! Despite the lack of calculators and the fact it was a Saturday Morning, all groups of teachers approached the activity with great enthusiasm. After completing the exercise many reported that they felt they would now be able to instruct their students on how to do so. 









Along with holding workshops, our Field Officer Jenny has also been visiting schools that are taking part in the Competition. Jenny visited Stand Tall Training Centre, the Global Business Plan Winners of the School Enterprise Challenge 2012 to award their certificate. Jenny has also worked with students at Mackay Memorial College to develop their Business Development Plan. 






We are looking forward seeing the progress of Ugandan Schools in the competition - and hope that many more schools will use the competition to start small enterprises that can beneifit students, their schools and their communities. 

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