Uganda: School Business takes advantage of Marketing Opportunity

Last month “Mackay Troupe”, the school’s entertainment business, were hand-selected by the chair-lady of KCCA (Kampala Capital City Authority) to perform at the annual Kampala City Carnival that took place on the 6th october. The Business Manager Simon, along with Marketing Officer, Janie, were extreemly exited as this was not only a great platform to showcase the talent , but a brillian opportunity to promote the school business!

In prepartion for the carnival, the staff and students decided to create some professional leaflets. Herbert, a former student of Mackay offered his skills in graphic design and IT. After brainstorming ideas with the business manager and some students he created the logo – thanks Herbert!

The logo is comprised of an adungu, traditional ugandan instrument, being played by Uganda’s national bird a crested crane, using the colours of the national flag. The logo represents music, culture and tradition – exactly what “Mackay Troupe” wish to portray!

Janie, the businesses Marketing Officer and Simon, the Business Manager  thought of a great slogan ‘Simply Talent’ which will definitly help encourage the customers! After creating the logo and slogan all that was left was to design and print the leaflet. The teachers, along with former students Herbert, and volunteer field officer Melissa,  worked hard together to get the leaflet printed in time for the carnival!

What a success!  The leaflets where produced and distributed at the carnival to specific target audience. The students and teachers acompanied the dancers throughout the carnival route handing out leaflets to prospective customers whilst promoting the business. The carnival goers were overwhelmed by the students talent and  how professsional the leaflets looked!

Volunteer Field Officer Melissa helping the students prepare for their perfomance        Teacher Cathy talking to a member of the public about the group

In the weeks following the carnival, the Business Manager’s phone has been ringing non-stop, as the Troupe has generated more interest and recieved bookings for upcoming weddings.

After the sucess of marketing at the canival, the team decided to create a Facebook Page for the troupe to reach more potential customers online. Please check out the page for more photos of Mackay Troupe!

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