Uganda: The rain has finally come.

The ups and downs of March have made it an exciting month but everyone is breathing a sigh of relief since the rains have finally arrived and the landscape is rapidly returning to it’s lush green colour. The extended dry season had made life difficult for families in the district, since the ground was too hard for digging, water sources were further away and muddy, and a shortage of food meant unaffordable prices for many people. 

Our agricultural projects have obviously been affected by the lack of rain but our dairy food supplements have continued to improve the cows’ health and plenty of preparation work has been happening in the plantation. Young banana suckers have been planted to extend the plantation, grass and maize stems have been laid as compost and beans are soon to be planted around the new suckers.

(Young banana suckers have been planted to extend the plantation)

(Grass and maize stems have been laid in the plantation as compost to improve the health of the matooke trees.)

Student involvement in the self-sufficiency project is increasing with the appointment of a ‘student business prefect’ and the recruitment of seven students to work in the canteen. The prefect will be responsible for monitoring student involvement in the businesses and informing staff and students about their progress.

(The new student business prefect.)

(A second year student enjoying her work at the school shop.)

Review of the current timetable is an important next step in order to ensure it is using student time efficiently and to free up more time for working at all businesses.

(The current school timetable.)

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