Uganda: Practical skills workshops.

The Uganda workshop series has been going well this month with a development into practical skills based workshops, intended to give school management and staff the real skills needed to set up successful school businesses. Many Ugandan schools, especially rural schools, have tried some form of income generating activity, but staff often lack the business skills needed to make them into successful revenue generating businesses. By attending our workshops, schools can gain the skills needed to do this as well as use their businesses to offer their students practical entrepreneurship experience.


(Me presenting the budgeting and record keeping workshop and participants taking part in the competitor analysis activity.)

This month has included workshops on market research, competitor analysis, budgeting and record keeping. All the workshops are taught in an interactive learning style enabling the participants to try out the skills for themselves and also appreciate the effectiveness of interactive learning. All the participants are provided with lesson plans and resources after the workshop, enabling them to recreate the workshop in their own schools for their own staff and students. Participants have written and conducted their own market research interviews, analysed competitors, written a budget for a poultry and egg business, and used real sales and cash records to report on weekly profits.


(The record keeping activity and participants performing market research.)

The average feedback for the workshops is currently 9/10 with all participants saying they want to attend another workshop! We’ve also had invitations from groups in Northern and Western Uganda who are keen to benefit from the workshop series. Look out for workshops coming up in Lira and Mbale…

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