Uganda: A New Head Teacher.

After a long and anxious wait for the students and staff of St Denis, a new headteacher was finally appointed and arrived on 28th Feb. Namulema Lucia has come from being deputy head in an urban school in Masaka in order to see St Denis through the next stage of its development. She was selected for her diplomatic nature and commitment to the continuation of the self-sufficiency project and will be closely supported by the Parish, our field officer, and a new projects manager to ensure that the school businesses continue to thrive and develop. 2012 will be a crucial year for the school businesses due to the launch of the posho mill and the potential of the other businesses to grow to the next level.


(Staff members welcoming the new head teacher (in red) and staff and stakeholders touring the St Denis businesses.)

After she had settled in, the new headmistress was given a tour of the self-sufficiency businesses in order to introduce her to her new role as business manager. She was joined on the tour by both Fr. Paschal and Fr. Andrew, Joseph Bunjacko (a member of the board of governers), Mukasa James (Projects Manager), Ssembatya Henry (Agricultural Manager) and myself. We spent time greeting each of the business managers, hearing about the current financial status of each business as well as the challenges each business manager is facing. As a group we then outlined the next steps needed to take each business to the next level.


(Staff and stakeholders touring the posho mill and a group shot of all project stakeholders.)

We will be working closely with the new head teacher in order to ensure that she has the support and training she needs to manage the future development of the St Denis businesses.

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