Uganda: A New Business Manager

Term 2 began with the appointment of a new Deputy HM – an exciting development for the St Denis businesses as the role includes that of overall Business Manager. Entrepreneurship teacher, Ssemambo Henry, accepted the position and has proven eager to get involved in the businesses and develop them.

As entrepreneurship teacher, Henry is bringing fantastic skills and knowledge to the businesses. Henry says that, as well as generating income for the school, the businesses are preparing students for the future, for when it comes to starting their own. ‘I want the students to have the skills to plan and start successful businesses, such as thinking about what business would be suitable, how to assess the success of the business, as well as the importance of re-investing in the business and not spending all the profits straight away.’

At 29-years-old and with an infectious smile, he is bringing much energy and enthusiasm to the role. Henry is introducing new systems for monitoring the finances of the businesses, a huge step towards ensuring the school can manage them without assistance. The businesses have recorded a 10 million UGX turnover (around $4,000) in the first five month of the year – a great improvement on the 8 million UGX taken in the whole of 2011, and shows that there is serious market potential, even in such a rural community.

After a lot of problems with the network provider, the internet is finally working again at the computer centre, so we have high hopes that the revenue from this service will give the business a much-needed boost and help us invest in some stationery. In other news, the manager of the maize mill has utilised his time during the low season by painting the exterior metalwork at the maize mill a cheerful blue to protect from rust and erosion.

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