Uganda: More about Med.

Katongole Mohammed (from the clan of the cow) is a 17 year old Senior 2 boarding student at St Denis Makondo. His family is from a village some 10 km away from the school and consists of Mum, Dad, 4 brothers and 3 sisters. His Mother and Father undertake several income activities in order to support their family, including farming matooke, beans and maize, the staple foods in the district. The majority of the food grown is eaten by the family, but excess is sold to other community members who come by the house to purchase. Med’s father is also a tailor and his mum has a small shop selling essential items where Med sometimes helps out. During the holidays he also works in the family’s garden assisting with digging and spraying the crops by hand. As with the majority of Buganda people, Med’s favorite food is matooke, and therefore he gains the most satisfaction digging in the matooke garden.

This year Med’s fees are being partly sponsored by Into Your Hands, a local NGO with US connections. Like many other students, Med came to St Denis because he had heard about the high academic standards, and is determined to work hard in order to continue his sponsorship, and gain as much experience as possible whilst at St Denis. His favorite subjects are Maths and Geography, and his ambition is to be an electricity engineer.

During the recent prefect elections at school, Med campaigned to become the School Business Prefect at St Denis, because he wanted to learn about managing income generating projects, make improvements to the services St Denis offers the community, and increase the benefits brought to St Denis by the businesses. Through the school businesses, Med hopes to increase the income for the school, as well as decreasing its expenditure by providing it’s own agricultural products. He hopes to contribute to continued modernization and improvement of the canteen and other businesses, by tailoring the businesses better to customer needs and therefore increasing profit. Through communicating with customers, he already has plenty of suggestions for improving the edibles on sale at the canteen. He sees potential in the St. Denis income generating projects, and wants to focus on improving them, with the hope that students like himself won’t have to pay such high school fees in the future. 

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