Uganda: Lets make some money!

Term 1 is now in full swing across the region, and with elections and valentines day (a very big deal) out of the way, St Denis students can now fully focus on their studies. I have been enjoying maths, entrepreneurship, agriculture and geography lessons, and finding that my GCSE maths is a little rusty! 

A total of 36 new students have registered for Senior 1, many of whom have been granted scholarships by our partner charity Into Your Hands. Other students who failed to gain scholarship funding will be assessed and monitored by the school, with the aim of supporting their fees if possible. The pressure is now on for the businesses to perform and produce enough profit to support the school and students. 

The 2011 academic year is the first time the businesses have been included in the school budget, with each expected to produce around 1,000,000 ugx profit (around £300). Some are on track, but hard work will still be required by managers and students to meet this target, especially with the dry season ahead. Since the local economy is heavily reliant on farming, the disposable income of our customers fluctuates with the seasons and weather, and must be taken into account when setting targets. Thankfully the student’s pocket money is still allowing them break time snacks and our canteen stock now includes fried cassava, mandase (fried dough balls), boiled eggs and bread rolls which are all proving popular.

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