Uganda: Learning by doing.

As the sun sets on term one, its time for the school to reward those students who have shown real commitment to the St Denis Self Sufficiency project and learning new skills over the past 10 weeks.

(Being on the equator, the sun in Makondo sets at 7:00pm for the whole year.)

Thanks to Angela whose enthusiasm and flexibility ensured that she and her best friend Allen were the first students to work on the computer business. They were trained on how to record transactions in the cash book and opening email accounts so they can assist customers who want to use email for the first time. If you would like to email them they would be pleased to hear from you...allennakibuye@yahoo.com....angelnabukenya@yahoo.com...

(Angela being trained on using the internet so she can assist customers at the business.)

(Some students relaxing after digging in the plantation.)

In total, 16 certificates were awarded to students who have been involved in the operational businesses. The headmaster showed his appreciation for their efforts by offering them new exercise books for next term. The canteen and agricultural managers are hopeful that rewarding hard working students will encourage respect and participation by others. 

(The canteen manager Justine, preparing certificates to thank those students who have worked at the canteen this term.)

(Ssembatya, the dairy and matooke manager preparing certificates to thank students for their work this term.)


















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