Uganda: Keeping focussed in Term 2.

The remote Makondo community has been busy with the coffee harvest these last few months, with any spare time spent picking coffee beans in the plantations. Nearly every home has been surrounded with drying beans for weeks and weeks and people are getting ready to celebrate cashing in on their crop. Mills are pumping away to remove the husks ready for beans to be sold for roasting.


 Freshly picked coffee beans and the beans after drying and having their husks removed.

Term 2 at St Denis has certainly been action packed, with students rehearsing hard for their first appearance at Education week, an annual singing and dance competition held by the diocese where secondary schools compete fiercely for the chance to move up to national level. 24 schools performed traditional Kiganda dancing and singing, and as one of the only rural schools present in its first year of competing, St Denis did extremely well to come in 9th position, making a very proud moment for the Headmaster!


St Denis students rehearsing traditional dancing for Education Week and students in costume after coming off stage at the actual event.

On top of all the distractions and time pressures, St Denis students have managed to maintain their dedication to the Self Sufficiency Project. Thanks to Prossy for recruiting and organizing the student rota for the canteen this term and thanks to the S4 students who have been taking responsibility for training the younger ones in their sections of the plantation.


Lydia, an S1 student, on her first day working at the canteen and Ndalike (center), an S4 student, training S1 and S2 students in the plantation.

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