Uganda: Kampala Bombings

Here in Makondo we awoke to the news - I myself awoke to a text messages from concerned family and friends back in the U.S. Breakfast was subdued throughout the village, families huddled around radios and televisions... 3 bomb blasts in Kampala during the World Cup Final, over 70 injured, the death toll climbing with at least 70 dead....

Thankfully everyone from St. Denis Secondary School is fine - none were in Kampala. At the same time, a troubled hush is felt throughout the village as we continue to hear more news... the country is shocked, saddened, enraged. An event that was celebrated throughout the continent with much joy - crumbled again under violence confirming the world's worst stereotypes of Africa.

All the same, this event brings home even more the sheer enormity and importance of what Teach A Man To Fish's work in the field. Insecurity begets insecurity. While theories are flying as to the motive behind these most recent attacts, the images and reasons behind these attacks are, horrifically, not unknown. Whether in Iraq, Pakistan, or Uganda, the question at the end of the day is of human dignity and well-being. If a family, a community cannot function, cannot support itself with dignity, pride, and freedom - they are all the more susceptible to violence. At the heart of TAMTF's goal, is to develop strong communities and individuals who have the skills to choose a different future for the nation and the world.

The next few weeks and months will indeed be painful for Uganda, but we in Makondo will work all the harder towards our goal, and in this we can strive to make sure those killed have not died in vain...

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