Uganda: First weeks and Tanzania!


Many thanks to Jamie and the previous project officers for keeping us so up to date with all of the happenings at St Denis. My name is Emily and I have taken over from Jamie here in Uganda to continue her work with the school and community in Makondo Parish.

My first couple of weeks are drawing to a close and I have been filled with a lot of positivity for the project and excitement about working alongside the energetic St Denis team. I must have met about 50 people in the last week, and have been writing down their names so I can pick up where I left off after the Christmas break. Why can’t everyone just wear labels for a while?!

Last week I had my first meeting with Charles (the headmaster), James (who works for the NGO Into Your Hands) and Fr Kasoma (who has been a part of the St Denis project since the beginning). All four of us attended the Education that Pays for Itself conference in Tanzania, and we all agree that our experiences at the conference have inspired and motivated us to plan out a direction for St Denis over the next year. We were reminiscing about the variety of people we met and characters we won’t be forgetting. You know who you are!

Since many of the teachers are away for the holidays, I have mainly been working with the computer technician Fred (see pic) who has given me an induction to the computer business, and Charles who has been proudly showing me the new Posho Mill (see pic). This should hopefully be up and running as soon as the three-phase electricity permit comes through and an attendant has been selected from the many applicants. Next update soon!

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