Starting to build...

11 May 2010- Concrete progress is often hard to come by in the Chaco, but I am happy to report that we have finally begun to build!  The first half of the composting beds is being finished by the third year students, which not only means that we may soon be able to start producing "lombricompost", but also means that they are gaining another useful skill. The second set of beds is also under construction, and one wall has been completed.  The worms have been delivered and are getting used to their new environment, so in a few months we will be ready to harvest the organic fertilizer.Plans to rebuild an refurbish the chicken coop are also under way, though the greenhouse remains a forlorn sight of six vertical posts with crossbars.  


 The last two weeks have seen a further beginning of change in project attitudes.  All of the 21 enrolled stuents have now started to come to classes.  Not quite every day - sometimes the road is impassable because of rains, but significantly more often than before.  Business plans for all of the production in the school have now been started and only a few details remain to be finalized.  The cows are once again enjoying a fuller diet of soya and mineral salt to complement what's left of the grass.

The onions and the carrots are growing well, though the lettuce and acelga have been plagued by ants and need to be resown.

The computers are mostly rehabilitated and we have begun to use them in classes.  The students struggle a bit with typing, but they are getting the hang of it, and definitely enjoy being able to have Excel do business calculationsfor them.


All this bodes well for May 2010.  Let's hope the optimism is not misplaced! 

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