School Enterprise Challenge: Looking forward to another fantastic year as the 2014 competition launches

After months of busy planning and preparation, the School Enterprise Challenge team launched the competition last Thursday. 2013 was an amazing year and there is so much to look forward to in 2014!

KIIT World School in India celebrating the 'Profit' award for their cafe business

Last year, 1065 schools in 80 countries participated from all around the world. The competition reached thousands of young people with the same goal, to develop a business idea and successfully launch a profitable business at their school. Those that launched a school business generated an average income of $810 in their first four months of operation!

We really were so impressed with the quality and variety of projects this year. From water fufu and gari production in Cameroon to chicken rearing in Cambodia, thousands of young people gathered together with the help of their inspirational teachers to create a school enterprise that gave them real-life business experience.

The competition was recognised for excellence and innovation, when in April it was announced as a short-listed finalist in the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards. The results are out in September, fingers crossed! Read more about the finalists here.

Our Winners 2013

Our top global winner in the Business Planning stage was La Escuela Concertada Solaris in Peru. In 2012, students started a school business producing rocoto, a traditional Peruvian spicy pepper, and turning it into jam pickles. The next year they wrote a Business Development Plan to expand and diversify their jam production by introducing new flavours such as papaya, apple and strawberry. They also carried out an extensive market research in order to increase their sales and expect to have a financially sustainable business that help the community and the planet.

Our top global winner in the Business Implementation stage was DAV Public School Pushpanjali in India.The school set up a “Stand Tall” counter to sell various handmade products and promote women’s rights. From food to clothing  to crafts from recycled materials, their stall provided information on women’s rights and asked girls to “stand tall” and stand up for their rights.

Click here for a full list of winners including our inspirational teacher and enterprising student awards.

All of our staff had their own favourite entry. Find out who won people over on our Youtube channel here.

New in 2014

  • More cash prizes!
  • More educational resources!
  • More opportunities for business mentors AND school partnerships!
  • More exciting mini competitions!
  • A certificate of recognition for every school that enters!
  • AND a brand new website!

Who will rise to to the School Enterprise Challenge in 2014?

The 2014 School Enterprise Challenge is now open. Schools can register and get started straight away planning their business with the help of our all new resources and lesson plans. Register here for the chance to start generating income for your school, to develop valuable practical and entrepreneurial skills in your students, and of course win great prizes!

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